APA-TO offers coffee by RAUWOLF, a coffee roaster based in Vienna. Inspired by Leonhard Rauwolf, who was an explorer and botanist in the 16th century and probably the first barista in Europe, Michael Parzefall founded the RAUWOLF Rösthaus & Brewbar in 2014. Leonhard Rauwolf was the first European to taste coffee on a trip to the Orient. In addition to his passion for discovery, Leonhard drew one of the most comprehensive herbaria in the world: with exotic plants that no one had seen before in Europe. This drawings serve as a creative inspiration for the illustrations of RAUWOLF's coffee packaging.

We serve the coffee blend "Criollo Gratus" (100% Arabica) at APA-TO which is grown on the Capim Branco farm in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil by the brothers Ismael and Eduardo Andrade.

APA-TO's ginger bread creations were made by Matthias Krenn, who is chef pâtissier at the organic bakery Hartner which is based in Waidhofen an der Ybbs.

There are four delicious flavours: Pistachio-Marzipan, Orange-Malibu, Raspberry-White chocolate and Plum-Violet. We also offer two different sizes: Our APA-Minis are small squares and our APA-Blocks have different geometrical shapes. Perfect with a cup of coffee or as a gift for your loved ones.