Counting more than 30 years of experience in solid wood furniture making, each piece Franz Karlhuber creates is defined by superb craftsmanship, harmonious designs with uncompromising functionality, and a love for detail. Additionally, while being strongly rooted in woodworking, a broad pool of interests, such as the combination of different materials or the implementation of customized light sources complements his work.

He believes that the active use of hands in the process of creating something new out of nature’s materials is to be preserved. Techniques and traditions ranging back several centuries, gradually developed by the lifelong pursuit of masters of their craft, perfecting the ways in which we shape, form and perhaps even see things, cannot fall victim to a manufactured world. His furniture is made from finest quality solid wood, locally acquired and carefully produced. Each piece, handcrafted at his workshop in Waidhofen/Ybbs (Austria), attracts with unique character and will certainly last a lifetime.